Big Top Souvenirs Opens at Disney’s New Fantasyland!

Disney World , New Attractions , New Fantasyland
Big Top Souvenirs Opens at Disney’s New Fantasyland!
Let the whole world know you’ve been to the New Fantasyland with a souvenir!
Disney World’s Big Top Souvenir treats and souvenir shop is now open at the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland!

Now those of you with your Disney tickets can purchase a little something special from Disney’s Big Top Souvenir shop to let the whole world know that you have witnessed Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland! 

Located in the Storybook Circus area of the New Fantasyland, this souvenir shop is the main gift shop for Storybook Circus and has been designed to immerse you into the world of circus. Here you’ll find an overwhelming selection of sweets and treats and lots of fun things to keep and giveaway to friends.
The first major stage of the New Fantasyland opens on the 19th November, introducing new narratives and magic with Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. However, the grand opening takes place on the 6th December!
If you want to explore a new Disney fantasy, get your Disney tickets and purchase a Big Top Souvenir to show your friends when you get home!
Disney World , New Attractions , New Fantasyland

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