Brand New Image of Star Wars Land Revealed

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Brand New Image of Star Wars Land Revealed
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Check out this stunning new artist's concept of how the brand new Star Wars Land will look at Disneyland California!

It was back in August that the news about the brand new Star Wars Land coming to Disney parks was first announced, to the delight of fans all over the world. Since then, we have learned that the park’s construction is still quite a long way off, with some experts estimating it won’t be open until 2020. What we do know, is where the new land will be positioned in the park and what will have to close to make way for it, as we discussed in this blog post

What we do have today though, to help you get excited about the prospect of this new park opening at Disneyland California (it will also be opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando but this artist’s impression is for California), is this brand new image:


Star Wars Land


Towering rock formations and leafy areas surround the beautiful glittering lake which serves this market town from a scene straight out of the films. Guests will pass through a monstrous gate into the town land which will be a fully immersive experience set to rival Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Once you go through those gates, everything is Star Wars themed! There’ll be no branded goods like what you might find elsewhere in the park, here it’s Blue Milk and Cheese 3-PO burgers all round.


Cheese 3PO


As you can see from the image, the Millenium Falcon cargo bay is one of the focal points of the new land and it has been confirmed that this will also be one of the main rides guests can try out when the land opens. Guests will embark on a secret special mission where they’ll be able to take control and fly ‘one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy’. A second new ride is still under wraps but is expected to be based on the latest film with guests coming face to face with The First Order, Star Wars' newest super villains. 

Don’t worry if you’re visiting soon and you won’t be able to take in the new land though. Some of the attractions that will make up the new land are already open at Disneyland California, including the Star Tours ride and the Galatic Grill which serves those Cheese 3-PO burgers! There’s also the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Star Wars Launch Bay where you’ll find props, costumes and artefacts from the recent film as well as a chance to catch a new 10-minute film called Star Wars: Path of the Jedi.

Book your tickets to Disneyland California now to enjoy all the Star Wars themed fun, even before Star Wars land officially opens!

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