Brave's Princess Merida Joins the Disney Princesses!

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Brave's Princess Merida Joins the Disney Princesses!
Princess Merida will become the first character from a Disney/Pixar movie for character meet and greets at the Disney parks!!
Princess Merida, the high spirited Disney character from Disney Pixar's Brave, will become the newest addition to the Disney Princesses, waiting to meet and greet Disney guests as early as May!

This summer, the highly anticipated new 3D computer animated Disney Pixar film Brave will arrive in UK cinemas, wowing us once again with that special Disney Pixar magic that manages to create lovable characters, tell mesmerising stories and breathe life into computer animation. 

Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Brave tells the tale of Princess Merida, a spritely red haired archer enthusiast who embarks on an adventure that leads her to question traditions and legends in order to determine her own future. Unlike many of the other Disney Princess, that are elegant, gentle and waiting for their happily ever after, Princess Merida is making her own way in the world.
We’ve just got wind that Walt Disney World is in search of a lucky someone to play Princess Merida for character meet and greets at Disney World! This means that not only can we look forward to seeing Merida on the big screen, but with our Disney tickets we can also look forward to meeting the fiery red haired princess in person at Disney World! 
Princess Merida will be waiting to make your acquaintance as soon as May at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Get your Disney tickets ASAP!

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Disney World , New Attractions , Disney Princesses , Disney Films

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