Burn the Floor at Busch Gardens 18th January - 15th April 2012

Burn the Floor at Busch Gardens 18th January - 15th April 2012
American dance production Burn the Floor makes its fourth return to Busch Gardens' Let's Dance....
Let's Dance at Busch Gardens returned on the 18th January 2012 and will continue to wow Busch Gardens theme park goers till the 15th April

This 2012 Busch Gardens’ Desert Grill presents the magnificent Burn the Floor production to feature in the theme park’s annual celebration of dance titled, Let’s Dance.  This ballroom come 1920s razzmatazz, meets Bob Fosse dance spectacular dazzled the audience on the 18th January with its Busch Gardens 2012 opening night. The production features intense, sensuous and powerful choreography accompanied with live music and vocals.  

Let’s Dance is held at Busch Gardens’ Desert Grill restaurant, giving diners the opportunity to indulge on a mouth watering meal whilst treating themselves to this wonderfully dramatic show. Expect to see classic ballroom dances such as the Tango, the Waltz, the Foxtrot and the Paso Doble danced to live renditions of songs originally sang by Tina Turner and Michael Buble.

Burn the Floor will continue to wow those with their Busch Gardens tickets till the 15th April, giving you plenty of time to get to the park and be amazed by the overwhelming Burn the Floor production.