Busch Gardens' Tampa New Animal Care Centre

Busch Gardens' Tampa New Animal Care Centre
A New Animal Care Centre Opens at Busch Gardens on the 23rd January 2012
On the 23rd January 2012, the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment group’s zoological theme park Busch Gardens will open up a brand new state of the art Animal Care Centre.

This high tech centre has a number of technologically advanced features that not only makes Busch Gardens’ Animal Care Centre a truly unique one, but a safe haven for the animals it will care for. The centre consists of treatment rooms, a nutrition centre, a clinical lab and an interactive diagnostic activity. The facilities will allow the centre to tend to the animals with the fully comprehensive treatment and supervision they need with the latest in the field’s technology.

In addition to providing the animals with care, the centre has also been designed to allow vets and zoological educators to give demonstrations to those with Busch Gardens’ tickets. The care centre will act as an educational hub, allowing park guests to gain an insight into the care required to look after these animals. Guests will be stood behind a glass screen with sound facilities allowing them to view the animals and their care procedures. Demonstrations will be lead a number of times throughout the day with Busch Gardens’ qualified vets carrying out surgeries, treatments and checkups.

This magnificent facility honours all that the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment group stands for, animal interaction, protection and education. “We are proud of the care we provide our animals,” said Mike Boos, vice president of zoological operations. “We welcome the opportunity to share our level of care with our guests, and to continue our mission of connecting guests to animals and the natural world. No other zoological facility can offer the unique, up-close experience that this new facility will provide.”

The SeaWorld group, as a whole, nurtures over 60,000 animals and more than 2000 of those animals, 307 different species, resides in the care of Busch Gardens Tampa. Busch Gardens’ tickets have always been a staple to any Orlando holiday, but animal fans the world over definitely won’t want to miss out on these Florida park tickets now.