Disney Changes its Policy on Facial Hair 2012

Disney Changes its Policy on Facial Hair 2012
The faces of male Disney cast members will remain hairless no more...
As of 3rd February 2012 Disney cast members will be permitted to have facial hair for the first time ever in American Disney history...

For those of us with our Disney tickets, a trip to Disney World has always been pretty much clean cut, we simply purchase our Disney tickets and turn up to the park. On the other hand, for Disney’s theme park staff things are a little hairier... or is it vice versa? 

You may not have noticed on your visits to Disney World that Disney’s theme park staff, better known as ‘cast members’, are always without facial. But we can confirm that they have been for the past sixty years and their faces will remain hairless till the 3rd February. 
The hairless faces of Disney’s male cast members is not down to fashion or trend. It has been compulsory for all 60,000 cast members at Disney World Florida and the staff at Disneyland California to keep their faces clean shaven for work.  The policy was implemented in 1955 by Walt Disney himself at the world’s first ever Disney park. Disneyland California, and the rule has stuck ever since.
Sixty years later, the Disney cast members’ dissatisfaction with said rule has been heard and as of the 3rd February Disney World and Disneyland California’s staff will have the freedom to grow their facial hair no longer than three quarters of an inch long! "While we're careful to maintain our heritage and the integrity of our brand, a recent review of our guidelines led to a decision that an update was appropriate at this time," said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger.