Disney Dreams Debuted on the 1st April at Disneyland Paris

Disney events , Disneyland Paris
Disney Dreams Debuted on the 1st April at Disneyland Paris
The Disney Dreams night time spectacular bathed Disneyland Paris in colour on the 1st April!
On Sunday 1st April Disneyland Paris’ new celebratory Disney Dreams night time extravaganza ignited the skies of Paris.

The miraculous new Disney Dreams show is finally illuminating the Parisian night time skies with brilliant colour each and every night in celebration of the park’s 20th anniversary. The dazzling show made a wonderful debut, wowing those with their Disney tickets as they witnessed all the breathtaking facades the Cinderella Castle was able to project to tell the story of the Disney Dreams.

Disneyland Paris made sure that those that were unable to get hold of their Disneyland Paris tickets in time for the opening show didn’t miss out. The park filmed a live video of the Disney Dream press viewing on the 31st March and made it available across the worldwide web for Youtube users to watch.
If you’ve purchased your Disneyland Paris tickets to admire yet another Disney masterpiece, you’re in for an astounding night. In the meantime, why not take a peek at the video to see how impressive the Disney Dreams night time show really is!
There are two Disney Dreams showings a night, the first at 9.30 and the second at 10.30!
Happy Disney Dreaming!
Disney events , Disneyland Paris

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