Disney Releases New Fantasyland Site!

Disney Releases New Fantasyland Site!
Disney gets you ready for a magical tale at the New Fantasyland!
Disney World invites you to create your own mystical and magical tale at the New Fantasyland with the launch of a microsite dedicated entirely to the massive Magic Kingdom expansion.

With just a few months till the New Fantasyland is unveiled to the world, Disney have begun to sprinkle the Fantasyland magic, slowly uncovering all the magic that awaits those of you at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Thus far the park has been releasing illustrations, videos and photography documenting the progress of this immense expansion at the park. However today, with the launch of a New Fantasyland website, Disney evokes a little mystery behind this magical land.

‘A fantastical land exists, a curse hides it from our view. A hero is needed to break the spell. That hero could be you’ reads the opening text on the New Fantasyland site.
We’re not quite sure what the curse could be, but we’re guessing that Disney World is either inviting those of you with your Disney tickets to embark on some kind of a magical journey on your Fantasyland visit or is about to captivate you with all kinds of enchanted fun and games in the lead up to official opening of this highly anticipated land.
Who knew that the New Fantasyland was cursed?
To uncover the mystery that conceals the magic keep checking back at ATD’s Latest News.
If you’re headed to Orlando this winter, the New Fantasyland opens at Disney World on the 19th November, be sure to get your Disney tickets!