Disney World’s Frankenweenie Photos!

Disney World , Downtown Disney , special events , Disney Films
Disney World’s Frankenweenie Photos!
Check out Jack Skellington at Disney’s Frankenweenie Weekend!
On Friday the 28th September to the 30th September Disney World hosted the Frankenweenie Weekend at Downtown Disney.

Those of you at Disney World this weekend that used your Disney tickets to head to Downtown Disney will have been lucky enough to have met Jack Skellington and Sally, characters from director and animator Tim Burton’s miraculous film The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jack and Sally were hanging out at Downtown Disney to promote the launch of Tim Burton’s latest stop animation picture Frankenweenie, which will be released in US cinemas this Friday the 5th October. 

This was the first time that characters from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas have ever been at the park for character meet and greets at Disney World, so those of you that made the acquaintance of Jack Skellington, also known as the Pumpkin King, would have been amongst the first! 
Unfortunately the Frankenweenie Weekend was for one weekend only so you will no longer be able to meet Jack and Sally with your Disney tickets, however  you can catch the movie in UK cinemas on the 17th October!
Disney World , Downtown Disney , special events , Disney Films

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