Disneyland California is having a Mad T Party for Summer 2012

Disneyland California is having a Mad T Party for Summer 2012
Celebrate Tea Drinking with Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter at Disneyland California...
Re-enact the Mad Hatter's Tea party scene from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film at Disenyland California this summer 2012...

Disneyland California is most certainly stirring up a treat for those lucky enough to have their Disney tickets ready for summer 2012!

The Disney Imagineers have been inspired by animator, director and once upon a time apprentice at Disney’s Animation Studios, the genius creative Tim Burton, to recreate a stirringly crazy party. It’s the kind of party where you’ll drink lots and lots of tea. Yes! You’ll have the opportunity to relive that crazy Mad Hatter’s tea party scene from Tim Burton’s magnificent Alice in Wonderland film.

This majestic and outlandish nighttime celebration is for the whole family to enjoy and is taking place at Disneyland California’s Adventure Park. The Mad Hatter loves tea so much he’s celebrating with the big sounds of a live band, dancing, lots of mad, but of course fun, games and a whole spread of goodies to complement your tea.

To get in on the excitement, get your Disney tickets and jump down the rabbit hole. It’s going to be crazy fun!