Disneyland off the Map...An Exclusive Experience

Disneyland off the Map...An Exclusive Experience
Disneyland offers its official fan club members an intimate tour of Disneyland California...
Disneyland off the Map is a twelve hour tour held on Tuesday 6th March, available exclusively to members of D23 - the official Disney fan club.

D23, the official Disney Fan club, will launch an exclusive event for D23 members on the 6th March 2012. The twelve hour event will allow D23 members and their guests to explore Disneyland California from an angle that the rest of us with our Disney tickets won’t have access to.

The event is titled Disneyland off the Map, and will take the D23s on an insightful and historical Disneyland expedition, introducing them to the late Walt Disney’s private apartment above Main Street USA’s Fire Station. They’ll take a grand circle tour of Disneyland aboard the VIP train car, the Lilly Belle, and enjoy a meal in one of the most imaginative restaurants at one of the Disney resorts. 
Of course this exclusive Disney event doesn’t come cheaply, in fact ‘Disneyland off the Map’ tickets are $250 a pop! 
If you’d prefer a more classic and cheaper Disneyland experience, with just as much magic, don't hesitate to get your Disneyland tickets