Disneyland Paris Christmas Season
Christmas is the most magical time of the year – we all wish it could last longer
Well now it can! From 7 November, it’s Christmas every day at Disneyland® Paris – for two ho-ho-whole sparkling months!

Mickey and his seasonal helpers are so excited! Together with everyone at the new generation festival, they can’t wait to entertain you beyond your wildest, and most festive, imaginations.

Imagine a fun–fuelled day of entertainment … from blowing snowflakes off the end of your nose on Main Street, U.S.A® – where it snows every day – to shaking hands and paws with your favourite Disney Characters!

Meet Mickey, Minnie, Santa Goofy, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. You can even greet Santa Claus himself at Disney’s Santa Claus Village. Drop off your wish list to Santa at his very own post office!

And when the sun goes down…. imagine the excitement levels rising as Mickey “decks the halls” at the Disney showtime spectacular celebrates Christmas! A Christmust-see!

Now imagine joining hundreds of other festively excited families at the giant Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Then seeing your loved ones’ faces light up at Disney’s Fantillusion festival of lights. Saving your biggest Christmas cheer of all to whoop and wave goodbye to Santa Claus on Main Street, U.S.A® – and don’t worry, we think you’ll be seeing him again quite soon!

Imagine Christmas every day at Disneyland® Paris? You can now! And if it still doesn’t last as long as you wish it would, you can be sure the treasured memories you take away from Disneyland® Paris surely will.


Disney Enchanted Christmas

Christmas isn’t Christmas without magic and sparkle! Disney’s Fantillusion festival of lights and Mickey’s Winter Wonderland musical fizzle with both! But the biggest sparkles have to be the magical tree lighting ceremony and being together with Mickey at the all-Christmas showstopper – Disney showtime spectacular celebrates Christmas! It’s all the magic you’ve ever wished for.



A Disney Family Christmas

Christmas is a time that brings friends and family together. This year at Disneyland® Paris, Christmas sprinkles magic and sparkle to the already magical Disney new generation festival. Here you can unwind and unwrap the greatest gift of all, your time together as a family, while Mickey, his little helpers and Santa Claus entertain you beyond your most festive imaginations.