Disneyland Reveals the Making of Jack Skellington’s Ginger Bread House!

Disneyland Reveals the Making of Jack Skellington’s Ginger Bread House!
A sweet treat for Disneyland Halloween Timers with a sweet tooth!
Disneyland reveals the making of the Halloween Time ginger bread house on show at the park, this year inspired by Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington!

Those of you that make it a habit to purchase Disneyland tickets to attend Disneyland’s Halloween Time celebration will know that each and every year the park goes through great efforts to create a Halloween inspired ginger bread house. Of course, in typical Disney style, these ginger bread cakes aren’t like any other ginger bread you might have seen, in fact they are literally out of this world.

This year Jack Skellington, the leading character in Tim Burton’s unconventional 1993 Christmas movie The Nightmare Before Christmas has his home inspire the Disney Imagineers’ ginger bread cake masterpiece. So if you’re headed to Disneyland for a Halloween Time celebration with your Disneyland tickets, keep an eye out for this looming Jack Skellington ginger bread edifice and be sure to get a pic!   

The Making of Jack Skellington's Halloween Time Ginger Bread House



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