Are More Marvel Attractions Coming to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland® Paris Tickets , Are More Marvel Attractions Coming to Disneyland Paris?
Are More Marvel Attractions Coming to Disneyland Paris?
We love a good rumour, especially a rumour as exciting as this one!
With Marvel attractions becoming such a huge part of the Disney parks, it’s hardly surprising that a load of new Marvel-themed attractions and entertainment are rumoured to be coming to Disneyland Paris.

This week, following a meeting of Disneyland Paris's top executives, one exciting rumour seemed to be confirmed for the 10 year future of the park - Marvel is coming to DLP!

As you may already know, one of the biggest ever Marvel-themed makeovers is about to open at Disneyland California’s Disney California Adventure Park this summer. The new attraction is a re-imagining of the iconic Tower of Terror attraction, which is a fan favourite throughout the Disney Parks. The ride itself will remain mostly unchanged, with the big thrill coming from the erratic drops and lifts which are impossible to predict and impossible to escape! The storyline and the exterior of the ride have had a huge overhaul though, with the Guardians of the Galaxy becoming the new theming behind the ride. This ties in with the release of the Vol. 2 of the epic Guardians of the Galaxy film series, which is debuting in cinemas this week.


Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout


Whether Disneyland Paris’s Imagineers have the same idea in mind for Disneyland Paris’s Tower of Terror ride at the Walt Disney Studios Park, we’re not sure, but it would be an obvious choice for a tie-in.

Another rumour is that the recent closure of CinéMagique is the perfect opportunity to make way for an indoor Marvel superheroes-themed stunt show. The new show will supposedly be akin to Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular at Shanghai Disneyland and would tie in nicely with the ‘Season of Heroes’ event which is also debuting at Disneyland California Park this year.

This is not the first time these rumours have surfaced (although they seem to have picked up a gear recently). Rumours that the whole backlot area of the Walt Disney Studios Park would be transformed into Marvel land go back 5 years, when murmurings surfaced that the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster was going to be given a Spiderman makeover. Whether this is something the park is still considering remains to be seen – this park improvement plan stretches over the next 10 years, so if one thing’s for sure, anything could happen!

Right now Disneyland Paris are celebrating their 25th anniversary! To buy tickets for a magical birthday visit, click here.

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Disneyland® Paris Tickets , Are More Marvel Attractions Coming to Disneyland Paris?

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