Disney’s 1970’s Orange Bird Returns!

Disney’s 1970’s Orange Bird Returns!
Disney Fans Lure the Orange Bird Back to Disney World!
It has been confirmed that Disney’s Orange Bird character will return to Disney World. The Orange Bird was first spotted at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the 1970s!

On the 17th April Disney World announced the return of the Orange Bird at Disney’s Magic Kingdom! For our younger readers this won’t mean much, but the old school Disney fans amongst us might remember him – don’t be embarrassed to admit it!

The Orange Bird, the appointed mascot of the Enchanted Tiki room was introduced to Disney World to support the Florida Citrus Growers. The long lost Orange Bird returns to Disney World’s. Adventureland at the Sunshine Tree Terrace! Those of you with your Disney tickets will be able to spot the little Orland Bird on t-shirts, drink cups and posters. The Orange Bird also brings back the Orange Swirl, a favourite of many devoted Disney fans!
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