The Doodlebops Rock at SeaWorld on January 28th 2012

The Doodlebops Rock at SeaWorld on January 28th 2012
The Doodlebops get the crowd bopping at SeaWorld Just for Kids Festival!

On January the 28th kids and families with young children are in for a musical feast at SeaWorld Orlando’s Just for Kids festival. The festival, dedicated entirely to the little ones, brings all the big names in children’s TV entertainment to SeaWorld’s Nautilus Theatre.

The Doodlebops is a Canadian TV production that features a three piece rock band of the titular name, with band members Deedee Doodle, Rooney Doodle and Moe Doodle. The Doodlebops released a rock pop track in 2004 titled ‘Rock and Bop with The Doodlebops’, which continues to top the American kid’s charts. The show currently airs in the UK on kid’s channels Tiny Pop and Playhouse Disney (UK).

Those with their Orlando Tickets, lucky enough to be in the Sunshine state on the 28th January, will have the chance to catch the Doodlebops playing out to the SeaWorld crowds. The show features these upbeat musical characters, Dee, Rooney and Moe showing off their musical talents, their energetic dance choreography and sharing all the fun and games they love to have. Little ones are certain to have a bopping good time.

SeaWorld Orlando is famed for its unique and spectacular live shows. If you can’t make it in time for The Doodlebops, use your SeaWorld tickets to check out the world famous Shamu show!