Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s Twin Now in Testing!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant’s Twin Now in Testing!
Dumbo’s twin learns to fly!

The second Dumbo spinner has now been added to the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction and is currently in testing at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. As promised, here’s yet another update on the Fantasyland expansion taking place over at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

In our last instalment on the expansion we informed you of the revolutionary interactive queuing system that kids and adults alike can enjoy before experiencing the enhanced Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at Disney’s Fantasyland. However, at the time the post was written, the ride wasn’t entirely complete although Dumbo was in full flight. The attraction was awaiting yet another Dumbo spinner, what we like to refer to as Dumbo’s twin, to enable the attraction to double up on riders. 

We can now confirm that Dumbo’s twin was recently installed and is now in testing. The park obviously became aware of the lengthy queues that used to form for this nostalgic ride and therefore decided to give the original Dumbo a flying elephant.
So, it’s only a matter of time till those of you with your Disney tickets will not only be able to get onto the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction in record time, but enjoy a state of the art queuing area whilst you wait! 

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