Dumbo’s Interactive Queuing Area!

Dumbo’s Interactive Queuing Area!
Check out Disney’s interactive queuing area for the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Attraction!
Disney World really has pulled out all the stops with the design of the queuing area for the new and improved Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction!

You won’t believe us when we tell you this, but the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Attraction at Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus is one queue you won’t want to skip! In fact, Disney Imagineers have very cleverly taken out the element of queuing entirely. Those of you with your Disney tickets will enter a big top tent brimming with all kinds of interactive fun and games for the kids to indulge in whilst they wait their turn for the new and enhanced Dumbo the Flying Elephant...Of course the beauty is that they’ll completely forget they’re waiting!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is part of the major developments currently taking place at Disney’s Fantasyland so, unfortunately you won’t be able to enjoy the attraction in its entirety just yet. However, by summer the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction will be complete with Dumbo and his flying twin for you to take flight with, plus an amazing queuing experience!
Dumbo fans, be sure to head to Fantasyland with your Disney tickets this summer!