Explore The Grand Canyon with ATD!

Explore The Grand Canyon with ATD!
See the Grand Canyon by land, water and air with ATD!
The Grand Canyon is one of America's most breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sites, if not the greatest. Spanning across 1,900 square miles, there are endless different ways to explore this natural wonder and plenty of awe-inspiring views to wow you. Take a look at all the ways you can explore the Grand Canyon with Attraction Tickets Direct right here...
Since John Wesley Powell first tried to navigate the fearsome rapids of the Colorado River in 1869, and lived to tell the tale, many have been enthralled by his stories of towering canyons, secluded coves, deepening caves and unparalleled vistas that today make up what we know as Grand Canyon National Park. Stretching across 1,900 square miles, the national park is America’s number one visited site and one which never fails to inspire!  
Although a pristine wilderness and home to wild animals such as coyote, elks and peregrine falcons, you can reach this UNESCO World Heritage Site in less than an hour from the neon lights of Las Vegas. Fly over it by helicopter or plane, journey to it in the comfort of a luxury coach, ride along the now ‘tamed’ Colorado River in a raft or ‘stroll’ above it on the fantastic SkyWalk – the Grand Canyon can be experienced in many ways! And getting to the Canyon is just half the fun. On your journey from Vegas, either by air or land you’ll marvel at sites such as Hoover Dam, the Joshua Tree National Park and Lake Mead. The Grand Canyon is in one of the most scenic parts of the world and counts as its neighbours Zion, Bryce, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
Zion National Park
Arches Canyon
The Grand Canyon can be experienced in many ways. So how to best see this wonder of the World? 
Camp Out
If you have time, camp out at Tusayan and see sunrise or sunset from the Canyon Rim at Bright Angel Point. Hike down one of the many trails to Indian Gardens or further to the Colorado river, remembering it takes twice as long to walk back up as it does to descend. Or take one of the famed mules down to Phantom Ranch and get a real sense of human history amongst this geologic history of the world.
Indian Gardens Grand Canyon
Take Flight and See The Strip
For those short of time, the flight out and back from Vegas gives you a taster of the Grand Canyon , combined with the thrill of a helicopter experience over the Vegas Strip. 
Las Vegas Strip
Take Flight and Land in the Canyon
If you’ve a little longer, take a flight that lands in the canyon so you can experience peace and stillness that the early explorers so marvelled at. 
Grand Canyon Helicopter landing in the Canyon
Take a Skywalk
To any daredevils out there, the Skywalk is an experience not to be missed. Walk 1,160 feet over the Canyon in the company of the Hualapai tribe that have called this land home for centuries. 
Grand Canyon Skywalk
Sail Down the Colorado River
For adventurers, looking to experience some of what John Wesley Powell did back in the 1800’s, take a helicopter ride to the floor of the canyon before boarding a boat down the Colorado. 
Colorado River
View the Grand Canyon's North Rim
Or, for the ultimate experience, fly in a jet to the South Rim and enjoy a tour of the rim and its views points before taking a helicopter over the Grand Canyon to view it’s wilder North Rim.
North Rim Grand Canyon
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