FIRST LOOK Inside Disneyland’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride!

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FIRST LOOK Inside Disneyland’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride!
Find out more about the story line of this brand new ride...
Disneyland California’s Tower of Terror is getting an inter-galactic makeover – find out more about what that means right here…

The new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! ride promises to be a fast-paced and high-energy ride that will definitely tick all the boxes for thrill seekers looking for as much excitement as they enjoyed on its previous incarnation as the Tower of Terror. But not only does the new ride promise to thrill and excite guests, it promises to do it in its very own style: with an epic rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack of course!

Guests on the ride will walk into the Collector’s museum to a ‘warm’ welcome from the Collector himself on a huge wide-screen projection. Fans of the film will know that not all as it seems though, as the Collector is known for all sorts of evil and despicable acts in the Guardians universe, so a warm welcome has to mean trouble!  

Unlikely hero Rocket Racoon is the lead character in the ride’s storyline and guests will be tasked with helping him escape from the clutches of the evil Collector, who wants to stuff him and pop him in a box – an idea Rocket Racoon is unsurprisingly not so keen on. As Rocket escapes from the Collector’s clutches, he’ll take visitors into an elevator which goes haywire and – you guessed it – screams up and down at a terrifying speed!



Of course, Guardians of the Galaxy has its own unique personality which means it will definitely put its own stamp on the existing structure of the ride. Imagineer Joe Rohde says “Guardians is this irreverent, high-energy brand – it’s funny, it’s fast, it comes at you sideways, the characters are super unusual…The ride system is capable of being more dynamic, more movement, more disruption, so the challenge is to capture the essence of the story and the (Guardians of the Galaxy) world.” We can’t wait to try it out!

Tower of Terror’s Marvel makeover is being hailed as the first of many comic-book makeovers for the Disney California Adventure Park, which is already home to Captain America and Spider-Man meet and greets. Watch this space!

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