Get Ready For Iron Man 3 at the Disney Parks!

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Get Ready For Iron Man 3 at the Disney Parks!
Another installment of Tony Stark is on the horizon!
On the 3rd May 2013 Paramount will present the world with Marvel's highly anticipated Iron Man 3 movie! To get the planet's many Tony Stark admirers geared up for his great arrival, Disneyland California will host an Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries exhibition at Innoventions, giving park guests the chance to reacquaint themselves with the arrogant but brilliant billionaire superhero!

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Tony Stark fans, it's time to brace yourselves, as the moment we have all been waiting for is soon upon us! Iron Man 3 is landing in cinemas in just a matter of days, granting us a new opportunity to spend another two hours with the tremendous Tony Stark. It gets even better for those visiting Disneyland California in the next few weeks, as the release of this epic movie conveniently offers Disney the chance to finally make the most of that Marvel acquisition they made all those years ago. The entertainment company has done so by welcoming an Iron Man exhibition to Disneyland's Innoventions, dedicated entirely to Iron Man's powered suit of armor, titled Iron Man Tech Presented By Stark Industries.

Iron Man Tech Presented by Tony Stark Industries will offer you the chance to explore Tony Stark's revolutionary workshop, admire the Hall of Armor, which showcases Tony Stark's many suits and with the assistance of some digital technology, virtually try on one of these powered suits of armor. The exhibition will debut on the 13th April and will no doubt be the first point of call for the Iron Man fanatics amongst you heading to Disneyland in the next few weeks. 

Although you might have suspected this new Iron Man experience to find a home at the world's ultimate theme park, Walt Disney World Florida, large enough to accommodate Tony Stark's larger than life ego, you'd be wrong. Due to contracts with Universal, Disney's Marvel acquisition clause doesn't allow any Marvel characters to appear on the Walt Disney World properties in any other form than merchandise -  and unfortunately that includes Mr Stark himself.  Nevertheless, guests at Disney World will have noticed the Disney monorail, looking particularly striking, emerge over the weekend merchandised in its Iron Man 3 armor. 

Distibuted by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the much awaited Iron Man 3 will be released in US cinemas on the 3 May 2013! Till then, we're pretty sure that Disney will ensure there's plenty of ways for fans to indulge in the Iron Man hype, leading with an Iron Man clad monorail at Disney World, followed by the soon to be launched Tony Stark Iron Man Tech exhibiton and who knows what will follow after that?

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Disney World , Disneyland California , Disney Films , Iron Man

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