Ghosbusters Haunted House Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Ghosbusters Haunted House Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Who you gonna call?
Get your scream on at Universal Orlando’s new Ghostbusters themed house at Halloween Horror Nights this year, the latest attraction to be announced for the event.

Making its Halloween Horror Nights debut this year is the Sony Pictures’ film Ghostbusters, in a brand new themed haunted house at Universal Orlando Resort.

The cult movie celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and guests can expect to be walking through some of their favourite scenes from the original 1984 production. The New York Public Library and the Temple of Gozier are just some of the locations which can be fully experienced in the exciting new addition. 

Step into this haunted house and be transported back to the streets of New York. Witness the rift between worlds open, releasing the ghoulist spirits, hideous specters and ectoplasm-dripping phantasms in all shapes and sizes. You’ll even come face-to-face with the likes of the Slimer, Gozer the Gozerian, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and many more terrifying creations. 

Will the proton packs and courage of Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston be enough? Only time will tell…

This new Ghostbusters themed haunted house addition will join a fantastic line-up starring the world’s most notorious creatures of fear. Other houses announced so far are:


Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is running from September 6 to November 2 this year. 

Ready to join the gang and answer the call? Book your tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2019 here. 

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