Glow with the Show Ears at the Mad T Party!

Glow with the Show Ears at the Mad T Party!
Get your Glow with the Show Ears to rock out with at the Mad T Party!
On the 15th June park guests at Disneyland's pumping Mad T Party revealed that the new glowing Mickey Mouse ears not only flash in time to Disneyland’s World of Colour, but are synced to the rocking Mad T Party as well!

If you love music, love to dance and love to party, then Disneyland’s Mad T Party, inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie is going to be right up your street, or should we say ‘down your rabbit hole’! Indeed, this new night time party, located in the Hollywood land area of Disney California Adventure Park, really does recreate a scene from a crazy Tim Burton film.

Those of you with your Disneyland tickets that happened to be raving with DJ White Rabbit at the Mad Hatter’s T Party on the 15th June would have noticed a number of Mickey Mouse ears flashing and changing colour in time to the White Rabbit’s pumping beats.
If you’ve got your Disneyland tickets and are headed to the park this summer, be sure to get your Glow with the Show ears and enhance your World of Colour and Mad T Party experience! The ears on sale around the park and cost roughly $25.
Check out DJ White Rabbit and these Glow with the Show ears in the video!

The Mad T Party with Glow with the Show Ears!