The Great App for Disney Wait Times

The Great App for Disney Wait Times
Apptasmic revises Orlando theme park app, creating an app solely for Disney World!
Apptasmic launched the Orlando Theme Park app late last year and is now introducing a new revolutionary app titled The Great App for Disney Wait Times!

Last year we told you about the new iPhone App created by Apptasmic to inform Disney and Universal theme park goers of wait times at the Orlando theme parks. However, Disney theme park goers will be delighted to hear that a revised app has been launched that focuses solely on Disney World’s attractions. The app has been titled Great App for Disney World Wait Times.

Those with iPhones, iPods or the iPod touch and of course Disney tickets will know just how revolutionary this app will be. The Great App will inform digital savvy Disney guests with real-time updates across the entire Disney spectrum, including wait times for rides, firework shows and parades, dining options and even character appearances! If that’s not enough, this genius app will even lead us to our desired attractions and tell us of our whereabouts with GPS facilities! Those without Apple techno gadgets needn’t worry, Michael Flynn, founder of Apptasmic will soon be launching an Android version and has future plans to launch a map app for each park.

We are thinking that a trip to Disney World is well worth it, just to check out this groundbreaking app! No queues - now there’s absolutely no reason in the world not to get hold of some Disney tickets!