Habit Heroes Opens at Disney’s Epcot

Habit Heroes Opens at Disney’s Epcot
Epcot promotes healthy living at Innoventions
On Friday 3rd February 2012 Habit Heroes opened at Disney’s Epcot. The exhibition plans to get Disney goers on the road to a healthier and fitter lifestyle!

A new exhibition joined Disney’s Epcot on Friday 3rd February. The exhibition is being held at Epcot’s exhibition centre Innoventions, titled Habit Heroes, the exhibition aims to promote healthy living. Habit Heroes educates guests and gives them the key skills they need to live a healthier lifestyle with the use of interactive games. One of the games, titled Control Freak, aims to build will power, while Sweet Tooth and the Snacker require guests to get physical and exercise in order to rid themselves of their enemies.

On leaving the exhibition you can scan yourself to create an avatar which will allow you to play online versions of the Habit Heroes games.
If your new year’s resolution was to get fitter and healthier, let Habit Heroes give you that extra little push. Get your Disney tickets and head to Innoventions at Epcot.