Happy Lunar New Year Celebration! at Disneyland

Happy Lunar New Year Celebration! at Disneyland
The Lunar New Year Celebration! begins at Disneyland on 4th February 2012
Disneyland California begines the Lunar New Year celebration on 4th February 2012 with traditional Lion Dancing, Chinese Fan Dancing and Martial Arts!

Those seeking another opportunity to celebrate at Disney this year are in for a treat. As if twenty four extra Disney hours for the Leap Year celebration, a brand new Mad T Party at Disneyland California, a Presidential visit and a one off firework display, ‘Rock the Night’, at Disney World Florida wasn’t already enough for those with Disney tickets, there’s more; The Lunar New Year celebration, better known as the Chinese New Year, at Disneyland California.

Those with Disneyland tickets heading out to Disneyland California at the beginning of February will be able to see in the Lunar New Year with a big bang. For numerous cultures, including Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, the 3rd February marks the start of the Lunar New Year.

The Happy Lunar New Year Celebration will see Mickey and company attired in their festive Chinese costumes, paying homage to this wonderful tradition that acknowledges the beginning of the sun and the moon’s year long journey. Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese music will play out into the park, whilst dancers performing cultural dances, such as the Chinese Fan Dance, the Dragon Dance, the Lion Dance and martial arts, creates a visual spectacle. 

The Happy Lunar New Year Celebration takes place at Disneyland on the 4-6th and 11-13th February, at the Festival Arena, situated just off Big Thunder Trail.