Kennedy Space Center's Sci-Fi Summer

Kennedy Space Center , Star Trek , Sci Fi Summer , NASA , New Attractions
Kennedy Space Center's Sci-Fi Summer
Where science fiction meets science fact...
Experience the maiden voyage of Sci-Fi Summer: Where Science Fiction Meets Science Fact and embark on a Star Trek Shuttlecraft Stimulator Adventure, explore STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, watch STAR TREK LIVE and if you're lucky, win a trip to outer space...

Appearing for the first time in Orlando, this interactive exhibit of authentic Star Trek artefacts from the past forty years features one of a kind costumes, props and filming models from the Star Trek feature film and every Star Trek television series. The exhibition gives you the chance to go deep within the Star Trek universe and discover the history of this groundbreaking series. You'll be able to sit in the command chair of Star Trek's most famous captain: James T. Kirk at STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, hop on board the Starfleet Shuttlecraft Hawking on a mission to save Earth from Borg on the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Stimulator Adventure or watch the exhilierating STAR TREK LIVE show. A theatrical performance which combines special effects, audience interaction, an exploration of real space-age technology and on screen appearances from the Trekkies much admired Captain Kirk and Smock.

Intergalactic Travel

If this wasn't sufficient enough to fulfil the Trekkies wildest intergalactic dreams, embark on a mission to win over $400,000 in prizes, including two suborbital trips to space in the Launch of a Lifetime Sweepstakes. Sponsored by Tripalertz, this once in a lifetime opportunity will send two lucky winners to space aboard an XCOR Aerospace Lynx Mark 1 and be given space flight training. In order to participate you will need to collect a Sci Fi Mission Log on entrance to the Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Complex. The Mission Log consists of eight questions covering the last fifty years of US manned flight and Star Trek knowledge. In order to answer the questions you will need to embark on a fun and educational quest guided by your Mission Log. Should your Trekky knowledge fail you your journey throughout the centre will assist you. Your journey will begin at the home of an Orion Capsule at 'NASA Central', through to the 'International Space Station Mural', to 'Shuttle Plaza' and many other fantastic locations, finally bringing your mission to a close at the 'Rocket Garden', where you'll explore the history of rockets. Your answers will be entered into the prize draw. Prize drawings will be held daily for merchandise, admission tickets and more.

The Sci- Fi Summer: Where Science Fiction Meets Science Fact is held at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex till the 5th September. This is a Star Trek variety show that no devoted Trekky or anyone with a desire for intergalactic travel should miss. If you're heading to Orlando this summer don't miss out on a trip to space, get your Kennedy Space tickets here.

Kennedy Space Center , Star Trek , Sci Fi Summer , NASA , New Attractions

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