KSC Celebrates Curiosity Rover Mars Landing!

NASA , Kennedy Space Centre
KSC Celebrates Curiosity Rover Mars Landing!
Kennedy Space Centre celebrates the landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars.
This morning at 6.30 AM BST Nasa landed their fourth rover, titled Curiosity on the planet Mars. Kennedy Space Centre celebrates yet another monumental phenomenon in space history!

Florida holidaymakers currently in the Sunshine state will be, pardon the pun, over the moon today (or should we say Mars) as NASA shares news that Curiosity rover landed on planet Mars this at 10:31 pm Pacific time. Although this is not the first rover NASA has sent to Mars, the advances of knowledge and technology makes Curiosity the most highly developed robotic space explorer. 

In the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory technological geniuses, space experts and scientists watched Curiosity land on Mars with great anticipation last night, fearing a complicated descent. However, after slowing from 20,000km/h to 0.6 metres per second Curiosity touched down on planet Mars successfully, reflecting magnificent images of its Mars surroundings leaving NASA Mars Science Laboratory team relieved and exhilarated. 
The next two years will see NASA space experts gather as much information from Curiosity, working to discover whether this red planet is a possible habitat for life. In reaction to this amazing feat, Kennedy Space Centre will put together a whole programme of tours, discoveries and activities starting today (Monday 6th August) so that those of you with your Kennedy Space Centre tickets can become a part of this special moment.  
If you’re reading this in Florida and Kennedy Space Centre tickets happen to be part of your attraction ticket selection, needless to say you are extremely lucky! 
If you’re headed to Florida, a visit to KSC can make a wonderful Florida theme park holiday an exceptional one! Take a look at our great range of Kennedy Space Centre tickets!
Mars from NASA's Curiosity Rover
Image of Planet Mars from NASA's Curiosity Rover
NASA , Kennedy Space Centre

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