Birthday Bash Celeb Style in Las Vegas!

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Birthday Bash Celeb Style in Las Vegas!
See the celebs that have celebrated their 30th birthdays in Las Vegas
Party like a rock star and check out the celebrities that have celebrated their 30th birthday in the sin-full city of Las Vegas this 2013!

Those of us that have left our early, or even mid twenties behind us, in the distance, may not be particularly in favour of growing older, especially when we're approaching the big zero numbers. However, there are some advantages to hitting those milestone ages, particularly the inaugural THREE ZERO.

Despite the general sense of doom that grows as the looming age of thirty approaches, according to Jay Z 'thirty is the new twenty' (just with a bit more money!). At thirty we're young enough to party hard, we're likely to be earning more money than we've ever earned in our lives, so we're old enough to afford to party hard and, most importantly, we're of the ideal age to hit the clubs in Las Vegas and party like a rockstar in this adults' playground. Hence why Vegas is the ultimate destination to celebrate the big THREE ZERO and, of course, every other milestone in our lives, whilst we've got our health and wealth.

Check out the celebs that have celebrated their 30th Birthdays in Las Vegas this year.... 

Spencer Pratt

Just Saturday, the 31st August, Spencer Pratt celebrated his 30th birthday in Las Vegas, with his wife Heidi Montag. You might remember the reality TV star couple hailing from the reality TV show The Hills, who most recently had a stint on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother. The couple celebrated at the Crazy Horse Three.


 Brody Jenner

TV personality Brody Jenner celebrated his 30th birthday at the Hyde Club in the Bellagio hotel on the 19th August. This hearthrob celeb, is the son of athlete Bruce Jenner. Indeed, he is the step brother of the Kardashians, currently featuring in this season's Keeping Up with the Kardashians.



Cheryl Cole

Of course this British beauty needs no introduction!  Cheryl Cole celebrated her thirtieth birthday alongside her band members Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh at Hakassan nightclub in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. This thirtieth birthday bash cost a mere £50,000!

Kim Kardashian

Admittedly, it's been a few years since Kim Kardashian celebrated her thritieth birthday, but considering she frequents  the Sin City so frequently and has spent many a birthdays partying and living lavishly among the bright lights of the city, we couldn't end this post without sharing an image of the Queen of Reality TV celebrating her thirtieth birthday in 2010 at TAO Las Vegas in The Venetian!


If you're thinking of partying like a rock star for the big Three Oh, or any other occassion you see fit, be sure to check out the Attraction Tickets Direct range of  Vegas experiences for some serious celeb style partying! 

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