Indulge Your Taste-Buds With a Foodie Tour in Vegas

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Indulge Your Taste-Buds With a Foodie Tour in Vegas
You won’t leave this experience feeling hungry.
Treat yourself to a range of culinary experiences, when you take part in the Lip Smacking Foodie Tours in Las Vegas.

Often voted the best thing to do in Vegas, and consistently receiving rave reviews from critics worldwide, A Lip Smacking Foodie Tour (LSFT) is the thing to treat yourself to during your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the desert city. 


Lip Smacking Foodie Tour Las Vegas


LSFT host the most dynamic culinary walking tours on the famed Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas area. Expert guides lead guests on a taste-filled adventure, strolling past iconic landmarks until you end up in some of the most acclaimed top restaurants in the city. Enjoy expedited seating and luxury, VIP service, as you are whisked away on a food extravaganza, with signature dishes prepared by award-winning chefs, each paired with a unique cocktail (if you also purchase the beverage package). 

While Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s best dining venues, getting into them can be a challenge, with waiting lists being booked weeks - sometimes months - in advance. LSFT will effortlessly navigate you around the best foodie spots in town, bypassing any queues and escorting you to the best tables in the house. A Las Vegas local will also share the inside city secrets with you, meaning you’ll experience a unique dining encounter that you wouldn’t usually get if you ate alone. Worried about the heat? Don’t be - the ‘walking’ part of the tour is minimal, and not more than three blocks, making it perfect for all ages. 

Food and tasting new dishes is an integral part of any holiday anyway, so why settle for something average when you can experience the best of the best in a guided, unique foodie tour? These are the restaurants where a host of celebrity chefs also dine themselves, meaning they promise unrivaled quality and attention to detail. 

The Packages
Lip Smacking Foodie Tours Offer multiple different guided experiences, each (apart from the Boozy Brunch) with the option to add a beverage package, which gets you a pre-selected signature cocktail at various stops. 


Afternoon culinary adventures lip smacking foodie tours

Afternoon Culinary Adventures
Enjoy a unique stat your Vegas holiday, as you embark on a casual afternoon outing of strolling, exploring and eating, accompanied by a tour guide. This is the best introduction to the city, and will leave the rest of the evening free for your leisure, or to spend time with your new found foodie friends! This tour lasts for around 2.5 hours and includes four stops with 10+ dishes for you to dine on. At each restaurant location, you’ll be served a complete and fabulous meal, comprising of appetisers, entrees or desserts. A perfect way to ease yourself into the Las Vegas food scene!



savours of the strip lip smacking foodie tours


Savors of the Strip
Taking place during prime evening dining time at four of the city’s most glamourous and in-demand restaurants, this guided walking tour is ideal for anyone who wants to witness true, Vegas-style opulence. Dine among the rich and famous at the City’s best eateries - you may even spot a star or two! This experience includes 12+ signature dishes, and lasts for three hours over four different stops. You’ll receive immediate VIP seating, avoiding lines and other hassles, so you can get straight into enjoying your food and drink with your new foodie pals and expert guide. 


Neon lights and savory bites lip smacking foodie tours


Neon Lights and Savory Bites 
This experience really is something that needs to be enjoyed at least once during your lifetime. You’ll get the guided ‘Savors of the Strip’ tour, as described above, and you’ll also indulge in a state-of-the-art helicopter night flight over that world famous Strip. Dubbed the ‘Rolls Royce of Helicopters’, your time in the Eco-star Helicopter will be nothing short of luxurious. Take part in a champagne toast before you embark, then sit-back, relax, and marvel at the bright lights of the city below. The vehicle features spacious leather seats, wraparound glass for optimal viewing, in-flight music and informative narration about Las Vegas, and individual headsets so you can communicate to each other and the pilot during the flight. Upon landing, transportation back to your hotel for the night is also included. This package is perfect for those coming to Vegas for a special occasion, birthday or anniversary. You’ll feast like Royalty, and get treated like one too!


downtown lip smacking tour foodie las vegas


Downtown Lip Smacking Tour 
Explore the famed Downtown area during this 2.5 hour long tour, featuring four stops and 12+ signature dishes. Once tarnished with a negative reputation, the location has been fully revitalised, and is now home to some of the city’s best culinary delights. You’ll visit the locals’ favourite restaurants, so you know the food is going to be the best in the area. These are authentic independent establishments, chef-driven restaurants, and a seasonally focused farm-to-table fare, featuring inspired craft cocktails too. 

Your first stop will be Carson Kitchen, founded by celebrity “rock ‘n’ roll” chef Kerry Simon, sporting an open kitchen so you can catch all the action. Next up is Therapy, serving contemporary comfort food in a chic, industrial setting. The Red Velvet waffle sliders are particularly indulgent. At 7th & Carson, your next stop, Chef Gregg Fortunato takes your palette on a journey through earth, land and sea with his innovative menu. Finally, it’s time for Fremont East at Container Park, which is a must-top in the rejuvenated Downtown area. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s inside a converted shipping container - the food is still to die for, and the restaurant features the city’s largest rooftop lounge and beer garden. Whoever said Downtown wasn’t worth visiting?!


Lip Smacking Boozy Brunch foodie tours las vegas


Lip Smacking Boozy Brunch
This is one of LSFT’s award winning food tours, often voted the ‘Best Brunch’ in the city. And really, it’s not hard to see why. Over 2.5 hours you’ll visit three of Las Vegas’ top brunch spots, enjoying everything from dim sum and French pastries to cocktails or mocktails to wash it all down. Yes, this all takes place in one, eventful morning, but don’t worry - you’ve got the rest of the day to relax and feel happily full. 

Go A-List at Herringbone, the first restaurant you’ll visit - Chef Brian Malarkey of “Top Chef” and “The Taste” opened this celeb-favourite eatery and quickly transformed it into a sought after brunch venue. Next up is Bardot Brasserie, founded by acclaimed Chef Michael Mina, who has made it into an elegant French-style cafe. Expect all sorts of French delights, from custardy caneles to golden brioche French toast. Finally is Asian-style cuisine at Lemongrass, featuring classic steamer-basket delicacies such a dim sum, sui mai, har gow, and barbecue pork buns. Pair with refreshing Thai iced tea or a breezy Watermelon Caipiroska. This is going to be the most extravagant, unique brunch you’ve ever had. This tour includes a drink in each restaurant and you cannot buy an additional beverage package. 

The Reviews 
But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what food critics around the world have been saying about the experiences offered by Lip Smacking Foodie Tours: 

“Our food tour guide, Donald from Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, took us on an unforgettable food tour. We dined in some of Las Vegas’s most exclusive restaurants without having to queue or reserve a table...The food tour was a fascinating way to spend the first evening of our trip and since we walked between the restaurants, it gave us time to find our feet and get our bearings.” (The Independent) 

“Forget any foodie tour you’ve ever been on - this is a well-thought out tour, highlighting the incredible restaurants and chefs residing in Las Vegas.” (About Time Magazine)

“...the Lip Smacking Foodie Tour is a great way to cover some top restaurants in a short space of time.” (The Independent)

There isn’t a dress code, but make sure you’re wearing loose and comfortable clothing - you’ll be eating a lot of food, after all! Eating a light lunch/breakfast beforehand is therefore recommended, so you’re not too full when it comes to tasting all that delicious food. 

That said, the amount of food consumed is spread over a generous 2-3 hours on most tours, so you’ll leave the experience feeling full but not painfully overstuffed. 

Water is served at all locations, and a beverage package can be included (at an extra price), which gets you a pre-selected signature drink at various stops. Alcohol and other drinks can be purchased separately for your own consumption. 

When buying your tickets, please let us know of any dietary requirements - while the tours will do their best to provide appropriate substitutions, they cannot guarantee them. 

This a foodie tour of epic proportions. The Las Vegas food scene is varied and constantly changing, so embarking on a Lip Smacking Foodie Tour is the best way to experience the culinary delights of a city that is famed for its varied cuisine. These are well-thought out tours, highlighting the incredible restaurants and expert chefs residing in Las Vegas. Don’t expect a basic selection of canapes here...Las Vegas residents know their food!

Ready to book your tickets and take part in a Lip Smacking Foodie Tour? Browse our packages here.


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