Top Shows in Las Vegas

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Top Shows in Las Vegas
The best shows in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the very embodiment of excess and nowhere is this more obvious than at the drama, glitter and glamour of the Las Vegas shows...

As the self-declared ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, Las Vegas has much to live up to and any trip there should be filled with all things synonymous to the city, namely excess, extravagance and excellence.

Gambling, fine dining and a 24-hour availability policy ensure continued interest in Nevada’s largest city and the evening shows are one of Las Vegas’ top attractions. The night time entertainment in no way detracts from the city’s reputation, and while many Vegas shows are known for big budgets and a dazzling production, how many are more than mere façade and showmanship? 


Cirque Du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil


The crowned kings of the circus, Cirque Du Soleil have long delighted and amazed audiences since their conception in 1983. A blend of different circus styles, dramatics, as well as a technical element of lighting and stage production combine to create the ‘Cirque Nouveaux’ genre that Cirque du Soleil inhabits and continues to attract eager audiences, making it one of our top attractions. Currently there are seven different Cirque Du Soleil shows being performed and five of those make it onto this list. 




O production


The phonetic pronunciation of Eau (meaning water in French) is a fluid and refined synchronisation of narrative, acrobatics and drama as well as an aquatic element. O was inspired by ‘the infinity and elegance of water’s pure form’ and has received many accolades including Entertainment Design Award, best production show in 1998 and Las Vegas Review-Journal, best production show, 1999-2006. Perfect for those who love surrealism, O is a wonderful all round experience and is entertaining for all the family. 




KA cast


KA is very much narrative orientated, more so than many of Cirque du Soleil’s theatrical productions. Following the journey of separated twins as they aim to fulfil their destiny, this much more traditional performance engages in the conflict, catastrophes and obstacles that confront the twins. The element that makes KA extra special is the production. The stage is a technical marvel, with the ability to rotate, tilt and move with precision and control. The marriage between the technical and creative is what makes this spectacle so astounding and fresh despite the length of its billing as it continues to be one of the best shows in Las Vegas.




Mystere banner


As the first permanent Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas, Mystère is a classic production that focuses on strong acrobatics and a high energy experience. While many see Mystère as merely a visual wonder with a loose narrative woven through, many find Mystère comments more on the human condition than any other Cirque Du Soleil performances. As one of the first shows, it incorporates more traditional elements of circus, such as a certain style of costume and the use of props, however it still retains an independent identity. 




Zumanity show


This is not a production to see with young children, the prudish or any awkward family dynamic. Zumanity is known for celebrating love in its many varied forms there is an element of sexuality and a revelling in the human form. The cabaret style performance has been dubbed the ‘adult side’ of Cirque du Soleil and with characters such as dominatrix and gigolo, an open mind is necessary to enjoy the production. While it encompasses many of the tricks and skills expected in any Cirque du Soleil experience, its raunchy nature has stirred up the Las Vegas show scene but has also been met with acclaim. 


The Beatles- Love


The Beatles, Love banner


For those who love the music of The Beatles, then this is surely the Cirque du Soleil production for you and production is the word, with a large cast, fabulous costumes and enough aerial tricks to make you dizzy. Interpreting the immortal lyrics of The Beatles through high energy dance and acrobatics, it will bring a whole new element of understanding to your favourite songs while being a wonderful evening out. Love is as timeless as the music and has continued to dazzle audiences and tickets are available through our site.    


Blue Man Group 


Blue Man Group Performance


With its origins firmly rooted in New York City’s funky downtown vibe, The Blue Man Group has now grown to a giant of entertainment with seven shows worldwide and a clear vision of their creative direction. Far from the street art and busker style that has been the origin for this show that has been in production for over 25 years, there are elements of the outrageous, such as a four piece rock band only visible from UV paint splattered from the percussion. The original music and energetic performance will leave you breathless and blend to the rock concert, comedy sketch and theatrical performance that is the Blue Man Group


Celine Dion 


Celine Dion in concert


Celine Dion is Las Vegas’ ruling queen and as the highest grossing musical act in Vegas since Elvis Presley, it is apparent that she is adored. Celine has come a long way since her origins as a teenage Canadian popstar belting out the big numbers to a French audience. Despite her international fame, she continues to return to The Colosseum with new shows, and old classics with much success and tickets selling out in hours, though still available through our site. Her current show, Celine, lacks the visual dramatics seen in previous shows and instead concentrates on the purity of her voice and the power of her songs. 


Le Reve


Le Reve during performance


Le Reve or The Dream has been met with much critical acclaim and was voted the best production show in Las Vegas for six years. Centred round an aquatic theme, Le Reve shares similarities with Cirque du Soleil as Franco Dragone, who created the show, is well known for his productions with their rival.  Le Reve is re-choreographed every six months to keep it fresh and is constantly evolving around new acts, a recent addition being Experience Dénouement, a daring dance through water and fire.

Le Reve was the conceptual name of The Wynn Las Vegas, the hotel where the show is performed. This was based on a painting by Picasso that the owner, Steve Wynn owned at the time.  Though the hotel has since been named after its original owner, and the painting is owned by another, Le Reve is a lasting tribute to the creative ideals of the hotel. Tickets for Le Reve are available through Attraction Tickets Direct.

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