LEGO Friends Weekend 24th – 25th March

Legoland florida , LEGO Friends Weekend
LEGO Friends Weekend 24th – 25th March
We can now reveal the details for LEGOLAND Florida’s first ever LEGO Friends Weekend!
To celebrate the release of a new line of LEGO construction toys, LEFOLAND Florida is throwing a day party, hosted by its LEGO Friends to show off all the distinctive ways us girls can have fun with LEGO!

Towards the end of January we gave you a rundown of all the fun and fabulous new happenings at Legoland Florida, giving you all the wonderful reasons why we should all get a hold of those LEGOLAND tickets this year! For us girls, possibly the most exciting occasion approaching at LEGOLAND Florida for 2012 was of course the LEGO Friends Weekend. Yes, an entire weekend devoted to girls! The LEGO Friends bring with them live entertainment, fun and play and needles to say, a ton of brilliant building, to celebrate girls and their distinctiveness. The occasion will reflect the new line of construction toys LEGOLAND has recently released. We can now reveal the events that make up the LEGO Friends Weekend.

So, let us introduce you to your LEGO Friends. These are the girls that’ll be hosting the weekend, making sure that each and every one of you has a fabulous time in their own unique way! 
Olivia’s Girls Just Wanna Build
Firstly, let us introduce you to Olivia. She will be hosting Olivia’s Girls Just Wanna Build. Olivia will inspire you to build accomplished LEGO masterpieces and once you’re done perfecting your own LEGO creation, you’ll be given the opportunity to be a part of enhancing the LEGO community. LEGO invites you to build a part of Heartlake City LEGO model. Olivia will also introduce you to Master Model Builder, Adora.
Andrea’s Heartlake Cafe
Meet Andrea at Andrea’s Heartlake Cafe. For this occasion The Market Restaurant be altered to make way for the emblematic Heartlake Cafe. For those that fancy themselves as singers, you’ll have the chance to grab the mic and entertain the passersby of Heartlake City.  
Emma’s That’s So You Fashion Show
Of course, no weekend dedicated to girls can really be considered a weekend for girls without the mention of fashion. Meet Emma, she’ll be hosting Emma’s That’s So You Fashion Show. Saks Fifth Avenue have come down to help Emma show you all how to fashion yourselves into the LEGO Friend of your choice!
Mia’s Mad About Animals Scavenger Hunt
The explorers and animal fans amongst you will all want to meet Mia and embark on a journey through the remarkable Cypress Gardens with Mia on Mia’s Mad About Animals Scavenger Hunt. The hunt will feature clues that will lead you to Mia’s much loved animals. At the end of the adventure Mia will reward you with prizes at the LEGO Friends Shop.
However, we really want you to meet Stephanie. She’s the party animal among the LEGO Friends.
Stephanie's Lakeside Party
Stephanie is throwing a Lakeside party that’ll have you swinging and swaying till sundown! So need to rush off when you’ve completed all the activities, come and party with Stephanie till the park gates close and it’s time to go home.
Wow girls, doesn’t that sound like a weekend well worth using our LEGOLAND tickets for? And boys, don’t be disheartened, there’s plenty here for you to do too.
Legoland florida , LEGO Friends Weekend