London Eye: Explore the world’s tallest wheel

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Take a thrilling journey, soaring high on the astounding London Eye.

A London Eye flight is certainly an experience that it is impossible you will forget.

Become immersed in some remarkable panoramic viewpoints over an array of the most stunning landmarks in the city. Well and truly, the Eye is the must-see attraction on any London trip.

A formidable 135 metres high, it takes 30 minutes for a complete rotation.

Passengers in its 32 capsules are proffered with breathtaking 25-mile panoramas over one of the most exquisite cities on the globe.

The London Eye is the highest observational wheel in Europe, and arguably offers the most captivating views.

It is positioned exceptionally well, standing high on the South Bank between the Waterloo and Westminster Bridges.

Just opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, it bestows spectacular outlooks over central London – and beyond. On a clear day, you can even see Windsor Castle in the distance.

You may be surprised by just how relaxing a ride in a London Eye capsule can be.

Visitors are indulged with a smoothly paced half-hour ride in space age capsules which can each hold up to 25 people.

An increasingly favoured idea is to visit the Eye when dusk falls; after all, this is when the views over London’s majestic attractions are at their most enchanting.

There are other experiences you can make the most of: for an especially romantic experience, savour some fine champagne as you fly.

It is also possible to hire out a whole pod for a special occasion.

Some advice, however: it is worth booking tickets in advance.

After all, London Eye tickets are not always obtainable on the day when you wish to take the flight, and, even if they are, the queues can be very discouraging.

Why not choose a package tour which includes a London Eye flight in addition to a range of other activities?

Perhaps take a full day London bus tour and marvel at the charms of London’s attractions by bus.

A hop on hop off tour allows you to explore certain attractions in greater depth, if you so wish.

Conclude your sightseeing experience with a London Eye flight, for an especially entrancing experience.

Whether you decide simply upon a flight, or combine this with an extensive tour of the rest of London, the London Eye will not fail to captivate you.

It is far from difficult to see why it is that the London Eye has won 75 design and tourism awards.

Some 10,000 visitors a day stand testament to the enduring appeal of this extraordinary landmark.

London , Money Saving Tips , Travel Tips , United Kingdom

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