ATD and Just a Drop's Water Aid Project in Zambia Continues...

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ATD and Just a Drop's Water Aid Project in Zambia Continues...
ATD and Just a Drop implement water aid solutions to another Zambian school....
ATD Travel Services is delighted to share further developments with the Just a Drop and Attraction Tickets Direct joint venture that will implement healthy water supply solutions in four government run schools in southern Zambia.
In 2010 Attraction Tickets Direct embarked on a venture with water aid charity Just a Drop, to facilitate healthy water supplies and sanitation to four schools across the southern region of Zambia.The partnership would assess the water sanitation needs of the selected schools and implement the necessary solutions, funded by Attraction Tickets Direct, to ensure healthier and safer environments for children to attend school. You can read more about Attraction Tickets Direct's partnership with Just a Drop here.
In April 2013, work  began on  a Just a Drop  project, sponsored by Attraction Tickets Direct and implemented by local partner The Butterfly Tree, that  would  bring improved bathroom facilities to  Kamwi Basic  School and an accessible,  clean   and   safe   water source to Kanimbwa Community School. This project was deemed urgent because  both  schools were facing closure due to  the  poor sanitary conditions and  the  lack  of  a  reliable, clean  and  safe supply  of water.
This phase of the project commenced with Kamwi Basic School, a school in attendance of 274 pupils,128 girls and 146 boys.  Prior to the completion of the Just a Drop Attraction Tickets Direct project, there were just two toilets allocated to the girls and two for the boys. This was well below the standard sanitary requirements for the school, hence why the school was at risk of closure by the Ministry of Education. 
With Attraction Tickets Direct's funding, Just a Drop and The Butterfly Tree were able to assess the problems at Kamwi Basic school and execute the solutions in order for the school to continue to educate the children of the community and keep teachers and members of staff in employment, in a clean and healthy environment.
The sustainability of the project was discussed amongst the Kamwi Basic School PTA/WASHE Commitee before the construction of gender sensitive double latrines went in to development and the Water Sanitation Committee went about educating the community on hygiene matters and the preservation and maintenance of the sanitation facilities to be implemented. The local community has been actively involved with the project  from the outset, agreeing to provide the building bricks for the latrines and unskilled labour to help dig the holes.
The construction of the gender sensitive double latrine has been greatly appreciated by the pupils and teachers of Kamwi Basic School.  The new facilities will make a tremendous difference to the general hygiene of the school and will help to prevent closure by the Ministry of Education.
Consequently, tackling poor hygiene, ill health and extensive queues for the use of the bathroom should increase pupil attendance and improve their general performance and happiness at school. 
We think it's important that we are able to help out and do what we can for those that are less fortunate than ourselves. We hope our customers take pride in the charities we support just as much as we do.
Work is now underway to implement a borehole well to Kanimbwa Community School.
To read more on the developments as Kamwi Basic School, please log on to the Attraction Tickets Direct corporate site.

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