Marvel Trivia: Meet the Mandarin, Iron Man 3's Antagonist!

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Marvel Trivia: Meet the Mandarin, Iron Man 3's Antagonist!
Tony Stark confronts the Mandarin in the first Iron Man 3 clip to be revealed!
The first Iron Man 3 clip to be revealed to the public began to circulate the world wide web this weekend; A particularly enraged Tony Stark talks to the press, confronting his archenemy, The Mandarin. How well do you know this Marvel supervillain?

Iron Man fans hot on all of the Iron Man 3 hype will have caught this riveting clip Walt Disney Studios released into the blogosphere in time for the weekend! A rattled Tony Stark provokes the press, with a taunting message for his enemy and antagonist in the film, the Mandarin.  We have no doubt that the Marvel fans amongst you, especially those that became first acquainted with Iron Man in the Marvel comics, as opposed to the movies, will be well familiar with the Mandarin. Of course, the readers amongst you that consider yourself theme park devotees or movie enthusiasts, as opposed to comic fans, that  fell for Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie intsallement, 2008, in the form of hearthrob Robert Downey Jr, it is only undertsandable that you are yet to have the pleasure of meeting the Mandarin. But you will in Iron Man 3!

The First Iron Man 3 Clip



In spirit of this circulating Iron Man 3 clip and all the bubbling Iron Man 3 excitement, we thought we'd prepare you to meet the Mandarin,  a Marvel supervillain, Iron Man's ultimate archenemy and the antagonist of the latest Iron Man 3 installement!  

Creation of the Mandarin


 The Mandarin was created by Stan Lee, the critically acclaimed comic writer, producer and editor that created Spider Man, collaborated with the Universal Creatives on the making of the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man Universal attraction and created the man in question Tony Stark/Iron Man.

First Comic Appearance


 The Mandarin first appeared in the 50th edition of the Marvel comic series Tales of Suspsense, in February 1964.  He was born in China in 1920. He is characterised as being half Chinese half English, born to an aristocratic mother and a wealthy Chinese father - who both die when Mandarin is young. Although Mandarin is conceited and egotistical and despite his objective to take over the world, he has an unmistakable sense of honor. 



Mandarin is a highly skilled athlete and martial arts expert with an almost impenetrable tough exterior, which he has strengthened through extensive training. His exterior is so callus that he can rupture Iron Man's reinforced armour with his own two hands. Due to his mastery of martial arts Mandarin's powers are almost superhuman, however he also possesses a genius scientific knowledge which makes Mandarin an extremely powerful force. He is considered one of Marvel Earth's greatest scientific geniuses.


In addition to his strength, his self discipline and his superhuman abilities, Mandarin also possesses his own personal weaponry, the Ten Rings of Power, which he found in China in the Valley of Spririts.  Due to his genius scientific knowledge, using his personal discilpline and meditation, Mandarin learns how to use and control the powers of these rings to his own advantage.  He wears one ring on each finger,  each ring representing a different power.  The rings respond only to his personal commands, regardless of whether he happens to be wearing the rings or not. The rings will not respond to the commands of anyone else, unless he gives the rings permission to do so and will respond to Mandarin's instructions even when he is at great distance from them.

Iron Man 3's Mandarin


American entertainment website IGN voted Mandarin the 81st Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. This compelling Marvel supervillain will be played by Grammy Award winning actor Ben Kingsley, who film enthusisats will know from the likes of Lucky Number Slevin, which he starred in alongside Morgan Freeman or Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island.  

Iron Man 3 comes to the UK on the 26th April and released globally on the 3rd May 2013! Disneyland California's Innoventions will host the Iron Man Tech exhibition, presented by Tony Stark Industries, beginning the 13th April. So, if you're headed to California whilst this exhibition is open, check out some of theAttraction Tickets Direct' theme park tickets for a visit to Disneyland California and be part of the Iron Man hype.

Alternatively, if you're headed to Disney World, you can ride the Iron Man inspired Disney Monorail! 

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