Maurice’s Cottage at Fantasyland!

Maurice’s Cottage at Fantasyland!
Check out Belle’s father Maurice’s new cottage!
Disney has unveiled photos of Maurice’s cottage located in the Beauty and the Beast themed area at Disney World’s Fantasyland!

Those of you that love the Disney Classic film Beauty and the Beast will know exactly who Maurice is. The cute and round little man is Belle’s father, a tinkerer known in the village for his crazy inventions that never seem to amount to much.  This is the very cottage that Belle lived in with her father, before she committed to spending the rest of her life living in the Beast’s castle. Those of you with your Disney tickets should be very excited by this photo that Disney has released. Why? Because as you can see, Maurice’s cottage looks complete, finished and ready for Disney guests to come and visit!

Disney has been slowly but surely releasing more and more updates on the developments taking place at Disney World’s Fantasyland and the photos are clearly showing that Fantasyland is definitely in its very final stages of development. Although no opening date has been unveiled just yet, Disney has confirmed it will be this summer!
Those of you headed out to Orlando in the next few weeks should probably get those Disney tickets doesn’t look like we’ll be waiting much longer for the grand opening of Disney World’s Fantasyland!