Meet Merida!

Disney World , Disneyland California , Disney Films
Meet Merida!
Meet Disney Pixar’s new princess in person!
Yesterday Disney introduced the attendees of Cinemacon in Las Vegas to the very Princess Merida we might meet at one of the Disney parks!

Although we are still yet to see Disney Pixar’s Brave and Princess Merida on the big screen, we must say, we are quite excited to meet Merida in the flesh! 

The fiery red haired princess will be carrying out character meet and greets at Disneyland California and Disney World Florida, so to meet her you’ll need to decide which Disney Park you’d like to make her acquaintance at and purchase your Disney tickets accordingly. 
We are unsure of whether the Merida featured in these pictures will be making her way to Disney World Florida or Disneyland California for the character meet and greets, but we think she makes a pretty good Merida. Disney is still yet to confirm the actual date that Merida will be making her presence at the parks, but we know it’s sometime in May - keep checking the Latest News for updates.
Get your Disney tickets to meet your favourite Disney characters.
Read more about Disney Pixar’s Merida on ATD’s Latest News.
 Princess Merida from Disney Pixar's Brave Character Meet and Greet
Disney World , Disneyland California , Disney Films

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