Mor Thiam Leaves Disney's Animal Kingdom on 28th January

Mor Thiam Leaves Disney's Animal Kingdom on 28th January
Percussionist Mor Thiam plays his last performance at Disney's Animal Kingdom on 28th January...
This month Mor Thiam, celebrated percussionist and entertainer at Walt Disney World Florida, will perform his last show on the 28th January...

Mor Thiam is a renowned Senegalese percussionist living in Orlando and is the father of famous recording artist Akon. Those with Disney tickets will have seen Mor Thiam infusing the African spirit into the Animal Kingdom park with his expressive and moving drumming beats near the Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Harambe.

The percussionist has been working at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom since 2003 and has also worked with a number of famed artists and entertainment groups, including the Alvin Ailey dance company, the Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and the World Saxophone quartet.
For those of you with Disney tickets heading to Disney World in the next few weeks, make sure you head to Harambe to listen to Mor Thiam play.