More HHN Orlando Clues!

Halloween , annual events , Universal Studios Florida , Halloween Horror Nights
More HHN Orlando Clues!
Are you sure you can handle the horror?!
Universal Studios gets Orlando Halloween Horror Nighters blood curdling with more Halloween Horror Nights clues!

Yesterday we told you that Universal Studios had been using Facebook as a way to reach out to Orlando Halloween Horror Nighters and leak clues that are likely to uncover the horrific and crazed nature of what’s about to take place at the 22nd Halloween Horror Nights!

For the past two days Universal Orlando have been sending out Halloween Horror Nights clues to twenty two of their Facebook followers email addresses, revealing a number of cryptic clues. So far we have managed to uncover several clues that those of you with your Halloween Horror Nights tickets might want to use to help give you an idea of what’s lurking in the dark corners and crevices of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida.
Clues revealed so far...
  • “The foolish will not only suffer the consequences, but they will see the house for what it truly is… A horrible place where imagination and reality have combined to create a living nightmare.”
  • “By day all is normal, but as the darkness of night falls, the creatures guarding this sanctuary come alive to protect this sacred place from intruders.”
  • “Fear grips your heart as the darkness surrounds you…Then all of a sudden a flash of lightning strikes and terror’s true faces take back what is theirs.”
  • “It’s time he comes home.”
  • “Your future seems grim.”


Haunted Houses confirmed at HHN Orlando

  • The Walking Dead
  • Silent Hill
  • Alice Cooper Welcome to my Nightmare
  • Penn and Teller Newkd Las Vegas



If you're still yet to get your Halloween Horror Nights tickets don't wait a  minute sounds like it's going to be as fun as hell!

Halloween , annual events , Universal Studios Florida , Halloween Horror Nights

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