A New Book Released About Walt Disney's Epcot Vision

A New Book Released About Walt Disney's Epcot Vision
Sam Gennawey explores Walt Disney's EPCOT in a groundbeaking new book...
Sam Gennawey's new book, titled Walt Disney and the Promise of a Progress City, explores the idealistic nature of Disney's Epcot...

For those intrigued by the man behind the Disney empire, that wish to explore the Walt Disney World beyond the magic, the theme parks and the famous Mice, Sam Gennawey’s latest book titled Walt Disney and the Promise of Progress City could be the perfect read.

Gennawey, the author of this groundbreaking study, being a professional theme park and attractions industry specialist and having spent a substantial amount of years studying the history of Epcot, reveals cutting edge theories and draws our attention to method and reason of theme park design.

The book explores Walt Disney’s visions for the fourth Walt Disney World park Epcot. Although Walt died before being able to fully execute his true desires for Epcot, the essence of the Disney park is still present. Walt Disney’s EPCOT stands for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, Gennawey suggests Epcot was Walt’s blueprint to a more prosperous tomorrow, a proposed ideal way of life for an America city.

If you’re yet to experience Walt’s wonderful vision, where the world truly is a better place, get your Disney tickets and step into the future at Epcot.