New Disney Fantasy Ship Stages Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

New Disney Fantasy Ship Stages Wishes Nighttime Spectacular
Disney Fantasy ship guests will be able to enjoy one of Disney's most magical firework displays at sea...
The Disney Fantasy, the new Disney cruise ship, will wow guests with the biggest firework display on deck ever....

A new Disney ship deserves a new majestic show and it is really no wonder that Disney would want to share the magical sparkle of the Wishes Night time Spectacular with guests aboard the new Disney ship, the Disney Fantasy.

Disney Wishes Night time Spectacular, possibly one of the most overwhelming, beautifully breathtaking and emotional of Disney’s night time displays, will no longer be exclusive to those with Disney tickets at the iconic Magic Kingdom.  This cherished firework display, hosted by Jiminy Cricket, has been charming Disney guests with its sensational bright lights, dazzling fireworks, pyrotechnics and a wonderful musical score for nine years now and is adored by all that are lucky enough to witness it.

In typical Disney manner, Wishes on board the Disney Fantasy will be the biggest firework display to ignite the sky from a cruise ship. In this unrestrained extravaganza guests can expect to hear classic Disney songs performed by the Wishes cast, including ‘I’ve Got a Dream’ from Tangled and ‘I Wanna be Like You’, from the Jungle Book on the Disney Fantasy’s Main Stage.

However, if you’re after a more traditional Disney experience, don’t hesitate to get your Disney tickets and be overwhelmed by Magic Kingdom’s Wishes Night time Spectacular.