New Disney FASTPASS Rules

New Disney FASTPASS Rules
Disney World applies new rules to the Disney FASTPASS...
As of the 7th March Disney guests using their Disney FASTPASS will be required to use their pass no more than five minutes before and fifteen minutes after the allocated time. Late arrivals will now be asked to join the main queue!

You may have got wind of a rumour claiming that Disney would be applying changes to the use of the Disney FASTPASS. The FASTPASS is a queue hopping pass that allows those with theirDisney tickets to receive priority admission for particular rides and attractions. The pass displays an allotted time frame for guests to head to the attraction, allowing them to avoid any lengthy queuing times. 

The pass gives guests an hour’s time slot, however the Disney aficionados amongst us will know that you are not restricted to the allocated time slot. In fact, if guests arrive three or four hours after the specified time they will still permitted to join the FASTPASS queue.

However, this is where the changes come into place. Guests will now be required to use their FASTPASS in between the time window, allowing five minutes before the pass is valid and fifteen minutes after as a grace period. Late arrivals will normally be asked to join the attraction’s main queue and only in special cases, such as an attraction downtime or a delayed meal service at the park, will late arrivals be excused and able to join the FASTPASS queue.
The Disney FASTPASS changes will be implemented as of the 7th March!