A New Kids Park Opens at Wet 'n Wild Summer 2012!

A New Kids Park Opens at Wet 'n Wild Summer 2012!
Wet 'n Wild are due to launch a brand new water park just for kids!
Wet 'n Wild will introduce an enhanced kid's water park, that will feature a giant 60ft tall castle, featuring new slides and water jets just for the kids!

It seems that while we’re bracing ourselves for an even colder February, Orlando is prepping itself for summer and gearing us up to purchase our Orlando tickets. Wet ‘n’ Wild is set to open up a gigantic new attraction that will enhance the children’s play area.  The attraction will take the shape of a striking sixty foot tall castle that will be constructed on the existing ‘Kids Park’ site. The castle will host fifteen waters slides and an excess of one hundred cannons, jets and water soakers.

It definitely sounds like Wet ‘n’ Wild is going to be the water park’s hot (or cool) ticket for kids and adults this summer! 
Keep checking back here for the opening date!