New Space Heroes at Kennedy Space Centre

New Space Heroes at Kennedy Space Centre
Kennedy Space Centre honours three new space heroes...
On Saturday 25th May Kennedy Space Centre holds an initiation ceremony to recognise the achievements of space heroes

An initiation ceremony will be held on Saturday 5th May 2012 at Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre to welcome and honour American space heroes Kevin P Chilton, Franklin R. Chang-Dìaz and Charles J. Precourt to the Kennedy Space Centre’s US Astronaut Hall of Fame. 

Dr Chang Diaz earned his position in the Hall of Fame having after reaching a total in excess of 1,601 hours in space and taking seven space shuttle flights. J. Precourt has operated as pilot and spacecraft commander and Chilton piloted the space shuttle Endeavour’s maiden voyage and was commander of STS-76. 
The ceremony certifies their status as celebrated space revolutionaries and will embrace them amongst notable individuals of the US Astronauts Hall of Fame, like John Glenn, Alan Shepard, John Young, Jim Lovell and the famous Neil Armstrong.
Space fans and wannabe astronauts will have good reason to purchase Kennedy Space Centre tickets to witness this inspirational and moving event.