5 Burger Joints You Have to Try in NYC

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5 Burger Joints You Have to Try in NYC
...because where else will you get that all-American culinary experience?
There's nothing wrong with planning your holiday around where the nearest place to get a burger is. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

1. 5 Napkin Burger


This warm and cosy burger restaurant in the Theater District is the perfect place to grab a (rather large) bite to eat before catching a Broadway show. Don’t miss the avocado ranch burger with pepper jack cheese and freshly made guacamole or go for a twist on the traditional cheeseburger with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and rosemary aioli – absolute heaven! These burgers are very juicy so watch out – you’ll need at least those 5 napkins.

Where: Multiple locations in Manhattan. Click here to see the map.

2. Umami Burger



Umami Burger


If you’re looking for a burger joint where serious science is applied to bring you awesome flavour with a taste you’ll crave for months after, Umami Burger is where it’s at. Umami originated in California but opened its first NY restaurant in Greenwich Village 3 years ago and has been creating delectable umami-filled burgers ever since. ‘But what is Umami?’ I hear you cry. Umami originated in Japan and can be found in foods such as shiitake mushrooms, parmesan and roasted tomato. It’s basically the science behind why you crave burgers. So why not give it a try and sample one of the menu’s star burgers: The Truffle with truffle glaze, truffle cheese and even truffle aioli or the ‘Manly’ with smoked-salt onion rings sprinkled on the juicy patty. Umami in Battery Park is a great placce to stop poff before or after you visit the Statue of Liberty on a sightseeing cruise.

Where: 3 locations including Brooklyn, Battery Park and Greenwich Village. Click here to see them on the map.  

3. Bill’s Bar and Burger



Bills Bar and Burger


Try one of Bill’s ‘custom-blend’ burgers, with a secret recipe of high-quality beef and spices pressed by hand daily into 6oz patties. If you’re a traditionalist, don’t miss the Classic American Cheeseburger served with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Or, if you want to try something a little different, there’s always the Grilled Shrimp Burger with fresh avocado crunchy coleslaw and tartar sauce. Mix it up by upgrading to a pretzel bun – you won’t regret it!

Where: 3 locations in Manhattan. View on the map here.

4. Island Burgers and Shakes




Build your own burger at Island Burgers and Shakes, where you’re really in control of what goes in your perfect burger. Choose from 9 different types of cheese, 5 different sauces and 13 different toppings to add to your ham, chicken or turkey burger. Alternatively, you can pick from 28 speciality burger combinations which the chefs know you’ll love and combine any of this with a delicious and indulgent shake, as the name of the restaurant almost insists you do! We like the sound of the decadent ‘Hippo’ burger, smothered in curried sour cream, bacon, cheddar, guac, sautéed onions and scallions and served in a whole wheat pitta bread.

Where: 766 9th Ave

5. Zaitzeff



Image: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Zaitzeff offers burgers with a gourmet twist: each grass-fed beef patty is served in a Portuguese ‘muffin’-style bun. Choose from 2 gourmet beef options, sirloin or Kobe, or plump for something a little healthier with the turkey or veggie burger. Although the half pound Kobe burgers aren’t the cheapest item on the menu, at just under $20, they’re definitely this burger joint’s signature dish so it may be well worth pushing the boat out on this one!

Where: 72 Nassau St

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