7 Hottest Coffee Spots in New York

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7 Hottest Coffee Spots in New York
From posh coffee to great views...
Looking for a place to grab a 'cup of joe' in the Big Apple? Look no further than our guide to the hottest coffee shops in NYC...

1. Birch Coffee


Birch Coffee New York

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If you wake up in the morning already dreaming of the rich taste of high-quality coffee beans, Birch Coffee is the place for you. This coffee joint on East 27th Street (near Madison Square Park) is always busy, not surprisingly given the quality of their coffee, but make sure you persist and find a seat – the reward will be worth it! The coffee you’ll want to try out on a warm day is the Kyoto drip iced coffee, and if you become a bit of an addict like the rest of the shop’s customers, you should check out their Midtown branch where you can chill with a book from the branch’s library – so hip.

2. The Loeb Boathouse



The Loab Boathouse


While this isn’t one of those hipster coffee spots that you’ll find all over New York, what you will find at the Loeb Boathouse is fabulous views over Central Park and the chance to rest your feet after a wander round the park. Pop in for breakfast and a coffee for a relaxing way to spend your morning in a little bit of nature right in the heart of New York.

3. Hi-Collar


Hi-Collar Coffee

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East meets West at this Japanese fusion bar and café which boasts its own coffee menu, making it pretty popular with coffee aficionados in the area. Choose your weapon from a variety of different coffee beans which change regularly and give a nod to countries from all over Africa and Central America. Their current ‘roaster’ includes the Yurko bean from Ethipopia (with notes of peach, kiwi orange blossom and nougat) and the Natalapa from El Salvador (with notes of apricot, honeydew melon and almond butter). 10 points if you can identify all the flavour notes without looking!

4. Abraço



Abraco Coffee New York


What started off as a small hole in the wall coffee joint has now moved to bigger premises across the street, with plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a cup of joe. The iced coffees here are a work of art, but we’d also recommend trying out the olive oil cakes and cookies – sounds weird but they go down a storm with Abraço locals.

5. Petite Shell



Petite Shell


People flock to Petite Shell as much for the kosher croissants as they do for the coffee – toasted to order, the croissants come in a variety of flavours savoury and sweet including dulce de leche and feta (not together!). There’s plenty of seating available in this light-strewn coffee shop, so it’s much less chaotic than some of the other coffee shops on this list. Make sure you swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood visiting the Museum of Metropolitan Art.

6. Intelligentsia Coffee


Intelligentsia Coffee


If you’re planning a visit to The High Line, make a coffee pit-stop at Intelligentsia Coffee for a beautifully-prepared cup served up in some pretty glassware. Intelligentsia Coffee promises a ‘quiet escape’ from the busyness of New York right in the centre of Manhattan. All of Intelligentsia’s coffees are sourced from family-owned and smallholder co-ops from countries like Colombia, Rwanda and Brazil, so you can taste the world in one cup...and all in the comfort of the High Line Hotel lobby!

7. Café Grumpy


Cafe Grumpy New York


Looking for a place to Hipster-watch in Brooklyn? Look no further than Café Grumpy, where the hospitality does not reflect the name, you’ll be glad to hear! Simple coffees with a direct link to the bean producers is what has helped them grow their business from just 1 location to 8 across the city. All the coffee is roasted next door, so you can’t get a much fresher cup than that! Beans include blends from Burundi, Honduras and, of course, Colombia. 

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