Best Ever Jimmy Fallon Moments (Before he Arrives at Universal)

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Best Ever Jimmy Fallon Moments (Before he Arrives at Universal)
After an announcement on 'The Tonight Show' in October, the opening of the 'Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon' ride is hotly anticipated

After an announcement on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ last October, everybody is anticipating ‘The Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon’ ride that is due to grace Universal Studios in Orlando in the New Year. After exceeding the low expectations audiences had for him when he joined the show, this ride truly is Fallon’s coronation as ‘King of the late night talk show’.

Based on the Celebrity Race segment that has been popular throughout the show, the ride will contain all of Jimmy’s whimsical humour with breath-taking New York views. Universal has added a technical element to the attraction. A new vehicle seating up to 72 people will whisk guests through the streets of the big apple in ‘the world’s first ever flying theatre’.

With this in mind, we have picked out the most memorable moments from the different areas of the show to celebrate Fallon’s success. Let us know if you agree with our choices!

Best Celebrity Race

As this is the theme of the ride, it is only apt that it comes first in our list of our favourite aspects of the show. With each race themed differently, whether seasonal or in-keeping with the celebrity, Fallon keeps it interesting with an obstacle course and vehicle unique to each race. Here are our top two:

Hugh Jackman’s Cooler Scooter

With this show airing close to Memorial Day, it seemed an American theme was on the cards. The cooler scooter is the ‘vehicle of the future’ as Jimmy tells us, and the obstacles include frat boys, baton twirlers and over indulged children. The true hilarity of this race is Jackman getting a touch too competitive and taking on the corners with more enthusiasm than skill.


Johnny Knoxville and Late Knight’s Race

The pair dressed in full knightly attire get physical for this running race with a twist. Beer chugging, sword spinning, damsel rescuing and hedge leaping is all inhibited by unwieldy suits. Though Johnny fails to do most of the obstacles, it is undeniably one of the funniest races out there.


Best Guests


Despite the light-hearted nature of the show, Jimmy has had guests from across the globe and featuring in every nature of stardom. Recently Fallon hosted Donald Trump, who joins the list of politicians to have graced the show’s stage, along with both Barack and Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton. Jimmy has welcomed musicians, actors and comedians alike in attempts to entertain the audience whilst touching on topical issues. 

Barack Obama

One of his more serious interviews marked Fallon’s 500th show and was particularly relevant in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential elections. Obama speaks on the candidates running, being fair and yet reticent with his answers. It delivers the gravitas that the show occasionally lacks with the usual focus on frivolous celebrity games. 


Bradley Cooper

In a completely contrasting interview, Cooper and Fallon roll around in helpless laughter over ridiculous headwear that keeps them off-topic and in stitches. Despite trying to promote his Broadway show and talk about the cast, the two break down into uncontrollable laughter that doesn’t stop for more than a few words.  


Best Musical Moments

With the house band ‘The Roots’ producing quality music on an almost nightly basis, and especially considering their illustrious career prior to acting as the house band, the standard of music is high. Add to that many musicians appearing as both guests and performers, as well as actors and comedians performing little skits on air, it is a particularly tuneful show.

'Let it Go' with Classroom instruments

Performing with musical songstress Idina Menzel of Wicked and Frozen fame, Jimmy adds hilarity with a collection of comedic instruments, creating a hilarious juxtaposition of world-renowned musician accompanied by a child’s xylophone. The sketch soon dissolves with The Roots cradling tiny instruments and Jimmy laughing helplessly. 


Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande

The wheel of impression is a classic with the more musical-minded guests singing well known and loved songs in both current and classic artist styles. With so many guests to choose from, Celine Dion’s cynicism rates highly on our radars, but our favourite has to be Ariana Grande for pure skill. 


Best Twitter interaction

Often Jimmy allows audience participation through social media platforms, predominantly Twitter. Asking for people’s biggest life ‘fails’, the most recent offering was particularly seasonally appropriate, with ‘biggest fails at an office party’ being a much used hashtag through which people were more than willing to share their social faux pas. One that didn’t make the cut was

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