Must-try Milkshakes in New York City

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Must-try Milkshakes in New York City
A guide to New York City’s best milkshakes!
Today is National Chocolate Milkshake Day! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a list of the best milkshakes the city has to offer…

New York City is famous for its food, and in particular, its mouth-watering milkshake reputation! If you’re exploring the city, you’ll soon realise that there are some seriously good milkshakes to be found. In honour of National Chocolate Milkshake Day, we’ve chosen 5 chocolatey creations you should add to your must-try milkshake list. Be warned- you’ll want to try them all!


'The Little Cupcake' at Black Tap:


Black Tap Milkshakes New York City

Image credit: Black Tap


At Black Tap, if you order a shake, you’ll be given a work of art! The mammoth milkshakes are totally Instagram worthy and will seriously satisfy your sweet tooth. The most popular options here are the ‘Oreo Cookies & Cream’, ‘Nutella’ and ‘U bet chocolate’, but our National Chocolate Milkshake Day top pick is ‘The little cupcake’ shake. This incredible creation is a creamy chocolate milkshake with chocolate syrup, chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, whipped cream, crumbled Oreo pieces and even a chocolate cupcake!

The ever changing menu at Black Tap also features one-off shakes for special occasions, like their famous Valentine’s Day special topped with a slab of Red Velvet cake and whipped cream, the suitably green 'Shamrock Shake' for St Patrick’s Day, or the candy cane filled Christmas shake. Check out the main image for a look at some of the other delectable shakes on offer. If you're in the city, you simply have to visit! 

Head to the Midtown branch to be near some of New York's most amazing attractions: Top of the Rock, Broadway shows and the Musum of Modern Art

The 'Alice Cup' at Max Brenner:

Max Brenner Milkshakes New York City


Image credit: Max Brenner

Step inside this chocolate emporium and discover a world filled with delicious treats, where the motto promises that “chocolate is good for you”! Serving pretty much every chocolatey treat you can imagine, those of you with a sweet tooth will absolutely adore this cocoa paradise, where the smell of chocolate wafts through the air and melted chocolate even runs through the pipes overhead! Our top chocolate shake is the ‘Alice Cup’ themed on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Let the fantasy come to life with this thick chocolate milkshake drizzled with chocolate syrup, that’s even served in a “Drink me” cup. Savour every last drop of the delicious treat just like Alice! At Max Brenner you can choose from a whole range of tasty chocolate infused milkshakes as well as flavoursome ‘choctails’.


The 'Butterfinger' at Terri:


Terri Milkshakes New York City

Image credit: Terri


If you want to indulge in a chocolate milkshake, this is a guilt-free option you really have to try! If you haven’t heard of Terri’s, it’s a small vegan restaurant that’s run with a family ethos. Terri’s ‘Butterfinger' milkshake is amazing and perfect if you’re looking for a chocolate fix. Made with dairy-free cookie dough ice cream, soy milk, chocolate syrup and peanut butter, this melt in the mouth shake will have you coming back for more. To go with your milkshake, you can choose from a range of hearty wraps and sandwiches- all suitable for vegans.


The 'Red Velvet Shake' at Harlem Shake:


Harlem Shake Milkshakes New York City

Image credit: Harlem Shake

“Serving burgers, shakes and good times, the Harlem way” there’s always something going on at Harlem Shake. Decorated like a traditional American diner, there are retro posters and old-school dining booths. Everyone loves a slice of Red Velvet cake, with its rich chocolate sponge and lashings of cream cheese frosting. At Harlem Shake the popular dessert is transformed into a refreshing ice cold milkshake made with local ice cream from Brooklyn and topped with crumbled pieces of chocolate cake. If you love Red Velvet cake, you’ll love this incredible milkshake even more!


The 'Shake & Bake Bacon Shake' at Big Daddy’s:


Big Daddy's Milkshakes New York City

Image credit: Big Daddy's

The milkshake menu at Big Daddy’s is pretty impressive, with its delicious offerings paying homage to both Barbie and the Cookie Monster. If you’re looking for something a bit different though, go for the ‘Shake & Bake “Bacon” Shake’. This rich chocolate milkshake is drizzled with salted caramel and topped with crispy bacon! Half-price happy hour runs from 3-5pm on weekdays, so visit between then to double the deliciousness! Big Daddy’s like to change up their menu, with the latest addition to the line-up being a ‘Pokémon Go’ themed shake.

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