New York in Sex and the City Style…

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New York in Sex and the City Style…
Let the TV and movies lead your discovery of New York…
New York TV and Movie tours are the perfect way to indulge in your love for film, TV, characters and locations, adding a little narrative to your journey around the Big Apple…

It’s strange to think that Sex and the City premiered on TV some fifteen years ago, way back in 1998 and showed its final episode nine years ago, in 2004. For many, especially the girls, Carrie Bradshaw is still a very prominent character and Sex and the City is still just as pioneering today as it was when it debuted all those years ago. Bloggers and fashion editors still refer to her in posts and in print. Fashion lovers still idolise Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe and idealists still admire the lives of these characters and their relationship with the City of New York, aspiring to have their own fabulous Sex and the City type life someday. And if that isn’t within reach, a Sex and the City style New York break is completely possible and accessible - it all begins with a New York Sex and the City Tour…

Admittedly, the men amongst Attraction Tickets Direct’s Latest News readers won’t be overly keen on a New York Sex and the City Tour let alone a Sex and the City styled New York break, so it’s best to save this New York experience for girly getaways. The New York Sex and the City Tour allows you to get completely ‘Carried’ away, following a blueprint of the most iconic Sex and the City moments and some of New York’s most stylish pursuits.
On this tour, which tours more than forty sites, both from the series and the movies, you’ll visit Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, SoHo and The Meatpacking District and relive all those crazy Sex and the City moments. You’ll visit the shops that Carrie Bradshaw shopped in, admire the New York Public Library where Carrie originally planned to marry Big, indulge in cupcakes at the now famous Magnolia’s Bakery, thanks to Miranda and Carrie. You'll be completely exposed to the lives of these four girls and the locations and establishments they frequent!
For a New York getaway Sex and the City style, book this tour for the beginning of your travels, take notes and allow the tour to point you in the direction of the places you want to eat, drink shop and play for the rest of your time in the Big Apple. And there you have it! Your Sex and the City tour for a New York visit, Sex and the City style!  
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Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment

Filming Sex and the City in my city
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New York , On Location Tours

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