Where to Find the Best Views in New York!

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Where to Find the Best Views in New York!
With so much to see in an area which covers just less than 800km², there is one question that reigns above all: where can you find the best view?
New York is a city like no other, and from the buildings which dominate the skyline to the steam emanating from the drains on the floor, the Big Apple offers an incredible experience for all who visit.

Where can you find the best view? With this in mind, here’s our guide to some of the best ways of admiring the city – not all of which are from the sky. 

Empire State Building

Undoubtedly one of the city’s most iconic buildings, and one which was put on a pedestal to the world thanks to the 1933 film King Kong, the Empire State Building remains a must-visit on any New York tour – particularly for the vistas available from the viewing platform on the 86th floor. Rising over 440m into the sky, the observation deck offers a 360° view across the city – as shown in the picture below. If you want to see this great view for yourself, why not book your Empire State Building observatory tickets in advance to ensure you skip the queues?

View from the Empire State Building


Top of the Rock

Another stunning view is accessible from the Rockerfeller Center, and although it’s not quite as tall as the Empire State, the fact that you’re lower to the ground means that it can garner an experience of authentic New York life. Reopened in 2005 following a £75 million refurbishment, the viewing platform – known as Top of the Rock– is considered the best view of New York City because it encompasses the Empire State Building, which in itself is a true icon of the city skyline. Tickets for Top of the Rock can be purchased through us by clicking here.


Statue of Liberty

Originally given as a gift from the French government in 1886, the Statue of Liberty is another iconic landmark of New York and is the first sight ships see as they sail into the city. While Liberty Island may not offer the tallest view of the city, it’s location in the Port of New York offers a unique vista of the Manhattan skyline and thanks to the binoculars available, it provides an unbeatable panoramic view of the city.

If you would rather not visit Liberty Island itself, taking the ferry around the island gives a fantastic vantage point of the statue and downtown Manhattan

View of Manhattan from Liberty Island


One World Trade Center

Opening in November last year, One World Trade Center takes the crown of the tallest structure in the city. Rising just over 540 metres into the sky, it is the largest building in the western hemisphere and ranks as the fourth tallest building in the world.

It’s in our guide because of the viewing platform, one which offers an unparalleled vantage point across the city from the 102nd floor of the building. Called the One World Observatory, it is set to open in spring 2015 and is sure to be hugely popular with those on their holidays to New York.


Liberty Helicopter Tours

While One World Trade Center may offer the tallest viewing deck in the city, there is one way of getting even higher in the sky: a helicopter tour. For this there is really only one name to consider, with that being Liberty Helicopter Tours, the largest helicopter sightseeing company in the North East which have been offering a bird’s eye view of the Big Apple since 1990.

Offering a fleet of 15 helicopters, Liberty are the people to help you discover the skyline of this great city from way up high, with the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center some of the famous buildings you are able to see from a completely different perspective. If you are looking to admire New York from the sky, Liberty Helicopter Tours are the company we use for our helicopter tours of New York.

Helicopter tour of New York


The Press Lounge

Regarded as one of the city’s finest rooftop bars, The Press Lounge combines outstanding views with a sublime menu of cocktails and drinks to match. If you are slightly hungry there is a light bites section on their menu. For something a bit larger, just head downstairs to PRINT, their sister restaurant.

We were able to speak to the Press Lounge, to find out exactly why they feel their venue is a must-see during your discovery of New York.

“Perched at the very top of the ink48 hotel, The Press Lounge, is PRINT. Restaurant rooftop sister venue featuring the most sweeping panoramic views of Manhattan / the Hudson and includes a greenhouse, a main bar area partially enclosed by complete-volume glass walls, a private garden dining space and sunroom featuring a retractable glass wall and biofuel fireplace.”

-          Press Lounge, NYC

Press Lounge


Metropolitan Museum

The largest art museum in the United States and among the top ten largest in the world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains well over two million works and is a must-see for anyone seeking a cultural discovery of the city. What many people do not know about the museum is that it sports a stunning roof garden near the south west corner, and that’s the reason why it’s in our guide.

“The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, the Museum's dramatic open-air space, offers unparalleled views of Central Park and the New York City skyline. Each spring the roof garden features a new installation by a contemporary artist.”

-          Metropolitan Museum of New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art roof at sunset

If this guide has inspired you to admire the stunning views of New York for yourself, you can do exactly that with the range of low-cost New York attraction tickets here from Attraction Tickets Direct.


Image Credit: Sarah Delbridge, Ben Edwards Liberty Helicopter Tours, Kris Tamburello, Metropolitan Museum of New York

Top of The Rock Observation Deck , Statue of Liberty Super Express Cruise , New York , New York , best views , NY skyline , Destinations , Empire State Building , Top of the Rock , Inspiration